What’s your Lighting Question?

What’s your Lighting Question?

Want to hear what lighting designers really think? Here at LUMINO, we do too. That’s why we’ve been busy behind the scenes, interviewing a number of fantastic people from across our industry. We’ll be sharing these video responses on our social media channels over the next 10 weeks, starting this Thursday (1 October).

Our first video will be asking and answering “What is Light?”. The answers are fascinating, varied, and bound to make us all smile.

LUMINO would like to thank for their contribution to this wonderful project:

  • Christopher Knowlton, 18 Degrees
  • Emma Cogswell, International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
  • Arianna Ghezzi, Lighting Design International
  • Rosa Arcaya, Lighting Design Collective
  • Sharon Stammers, Light Collective
  • Marcus Steffen, MSLD

Be sure to visit our social media channels to hear and engage with these exciting and informative videos. You can find us on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

You can also take a look at the videos using the links below, which we'll update as they are published:

Episode 1 - What is Light?

Episode 2 - What is Good Lighting Design?

Episode 3 - What is the ideal colour temperature?

Episode 4 - How much light do I need?

Episode 5 - How would you light a room to feel relaxing?

Episode 6 - What is Flicker?

Episode 7 - Is LED better than halogen or fluorescent?

Episode 8 - How can we create atmosphere and drama with light?

Episode 9 - How do I know what type of lighting product to use?

Episode 10 - What should I consider when designing an exterior lighting scheme?