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Working with input from lighting designers and engineers, we have developed our product portfolio to meet the demanding technical requirements of today’s lighting specification market.

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High Colour Rendering as Standard

LUMINO ColorCORE® technology delivers our highest ever colour rendering. ColorCORE® stands out with excellent colour rendering of up to 95 Ra8 and TM30 values of up to 92 Rf and 100 Rg. Using chips from a single 2-Step MacAdam bin allows guaranteed colour consistency. Supplied as standard within all LUMINO products. 

  • CCT Precision - 2-Step MacAdam
  • High Colour Rendering up to CRI 95
  • TM30 up to 92Rf and 100Rg


High performance, cost-effective LED source

We developed EQ™ LED to meet the requirements of everyday projects while giving the same quality control as our premium ColorCORE® LED used to light some of the most prestigious residential, hospitality and commercial projects around the world. Lighting designers, architects and interior designers know that with LUMINO, quality is guaranteed. EQ™ gives 95CRI (TM30 92Rf) in 3-step SDCM offering the perfect balance of performance and practicality to specifiers.



Human Centric Lighting

White colour tuning is now possible on Vector linear luminaires with ColorTUNE technology.

Emerging studies on health, comfort, and productivity suggest that being able to change, or tune, the colour temperature of a light source to match the needs of the application, event, or occupant preference has significant benefits.

Now ColorTUNE™ allows you to adjust the colour temperature from 1800K to 3000K or from 2200K to 4000K. Control gear can be specified to independently control both the colour temperature and the lumen output. In some applications, ColorTUNE™ can also be set up to provide warm dimming, while providing additional flexibility when necessary.



Dim-to-warm LED

WarmDIM technology enables a simple, easy to use human-centric lighting option - perfect for residential and hospitality projects.

Smoothly and seamlessly shifting CCT from 3000K at full output down to 1800K as the light is dimmed.

WarmDIM is simple to install and control. It requires no specialist control gear or interfaces, just a regular dimmable driver controlled via DALI, DMX or 0-10v.



Full Colour Control

RGB colour control, originally used almost exclusively in theatrical applications, is now used to create theatrical effects in commercial and residential spaces. 

This type of colour changing lighting produces a colour output anywhere within the visible colour spectrum, and is accomplished through the mixing of Red, Green and Blue or RGB LEDs.



Colour Tuning + White

RGBW brings to option of high quality white light combined with RGB.



The Future of Colour Rendering

The Technical Memorandum TM30 (TM-30-18) is a method of evaluating light source colour rendition published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).
The CIE 1995 method for measuring CRI Ra relies on just 8 colour samples to measure colour fidelity using the commonly used Ra metric. TM30 greatly improves on this method by using 99 new colour evaluation samples (CES) to measure colour fidelity using the new Rf metric with an additional Rg metric for gamut area.

TM30 describes a method for evaluating light source colour rendition, quantifying the fidelity (closeness to a reference) through a Fidelity Index (Rf) and gamut (increase or decrease in chroma) through a Gamut Index (Rg) of a light source. TM30 also generates a colour vector graphic that indicates average hue and chroma shifts, which helps with interpreting the values of Rf and Rg.

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Book your online TM30 workshop

Being the first company in the UK to test its full product range according to the TM30 method, LUMINO has developed an interactive workshop dedicated to explaining the basics of TM30 and also demonstrate its practical advantages over the CIE 1995 CRI index.

LUMINO TM30 workshops are aimed at giving lighting professionals an understanding of the key principles and how to apply them. The workshop includes a presentation on the essence of TM30, followed by a demonstration of ColorCORE®.

To learn more, book a TM30 workshop for your team, email info@lumino.lighting