Wesley Edward Eagar Centre, Surry Hills, Australia

Wesley Edward Eagar Centre, Surry Hills, Australia

Based in Surry Hills, crisis accommodation Wesley Edward Eagar Centre has provided support and shelter for those in need since the 1970s, though the facilities are anything but dated. To deliver a supportive and comfortable space for those in need, the facilities include single, lockable rooms with en-suite bathrooms, many of which are designed to be accessible for everyone. As well as this, the centre is equipped with counselling spaces, access to wrap-around community support services and a public café where clients and the community can connect. 

Wesley Edward Eagar Centre, Surry Hills, Australia

To uphold the centre’s commitment to supporting the community, it was vital that the project was approached with the community front of mind. Lighting Designers, Light Practice worked with LUMINO Australian partner MLP to specify the hugely popular, and highly commended - V20S Optic.

The V20S Optic, with its 20x20mm compact size was used to wallwash the space beautifully, creating an ambient and peaceful area for visitors to the centre. As the smallest IP67 rated, optically controlled tuneable white product currently on the market, V20S was the perfect choice for the space. It brings an optimum balance between glare reduction and high-quality light output, and this is evident in the tranquil and mindful space created with this sympathetic lighting design approach.

Wesley Edward Eagar Centre, Surry Hills, Australia

Chris Small, Sales Director at LUMINO commented: “V20S Optic is the perfect product for this application and Light Practice have used it beautifully within their scheme for the centre. Giving directed purposeful light to circulation areas around the centre whilst utilising the integral louvre option to reduce glare for comfort when using the space. The result matches perfectly with the minimal aesthetic whilst being sympathetic to the heritage aspect of the building.”

Project credits:

Lighting Supplier Partner: Modular Lighting & Partners

Lighting Design: Light Practice

Architecture: Scott Carver Architects

Photography: Jovica Sredojevic