Townhouse Lefkada, Greece

Townhouse Lefkada, Greece

LUMINO were appointed to supply the lighting for this beautiful hospitality project, named Townhouse Lefkada, in Greece. This new-build aparthotel consists of nine apartments in the city centre of Lefkada, a breath-taking island in the Ionian Sea.

The location, shape, and orientation of the plot, as well as the building program and regulations contributed to a solid building design, covered by a light-weight structure of vertical louvres that plays the role of a shading device.

Architect, Ioanna Zavitsanou has created an enchanting building that perfectly complements its natural surroundings and the beauty of the island. The entrance to the building is via street level, where the reception, the lobby and a one-bedroom apartment can be found. The studios and one-bedroom apartments vary in size across the remaining three floors.

At the core of the building, a small atrium is designed providing the staircase and common corridors with natural daylight and ventilation. A pendant art feature fills the atrium with more light, reflections and colours.

Townhouse Lefkada, Greece

Working with lighting designer, Vasiliki Malakasi, LUMINO supplied the popular V20S OPTIC - IP67 luminaire to elevate the architecture of the building with external lighting that is designed as part of the façade. The skyglow is minimised by careful integration of the luminaires into the façade and the lit effect is contained within the architectural fabric. The luminaires delicately backlight the vertical façade and the linear parts of the louvre structures. This display further articulates the elegance and warmth of the aparthotel, inviting guests into the space.

The use of the LUMINO luminaires provides focused lighting and minimal light spill, to create a soft, atmospheric façade illumination, respectful to both hotel guests and neighbours alike.

“The lighting is elegant and understated which was part of the hospitality brief, but it enhances the architecture and the facade giving the building a unique identity especially at night when the building truly comes to life “, Ioanna Zavitsanou, Architect.

Project credits:

Architectural design: Ioanna Zavitsanou

Interior design: Ioanna Zavitsanou

Lighting Design: Vasiliki Malakasi, Idea Design Ltd

Idea Design Ltd Contractor: Ionios Techniki S.A.

Branding Design: New Era social agency

3D visualization: Angelos Kioulos

Photographer: Gavriil Papadiotis