Sky is the limit

Sky is the limit

Among our latest outdoor projects, it is important to mention the bridge lighting in Upplands Väsby, Sweden.

Playing with the traditional colour codes, the Lighting Designer Martin Kempe, turned this Swedish bridge into a remarkable night-time viewing experience.

Supplied by our partner Rebel Light, Lumino Vector V12S IP67 unveils a powerful new approach with blue LEDs that reinforce the decorative and the security aspects of the lighting design.

“The request from the client was to use the bridge and create a landmark for the municipality of it. Since blue is Upplands Väsbys color that seemed to be a good starting point. The assignment in addition to the lights also included the design of the bridge sides. We wanted a material that was rather easy to see through and, at the same time would work as a bearer of light. After careful evaluation expanded metal in stainless steel with about a 50mm mesh worked best, it was “airy” enough and worked good with the blue light.” explained Martin Kempe.

[Bridge lighting in Upplands Väsby, Sweden]

Sky is the limit

“The linear blue light (V12.3) on the outside of the bridge is hidden under a U-beam that runs parallel on both sides over the bridge. On two places there are cut´s in the expanded metal were the municipality signs are mounted, the linear light is white on those parts. To keep the concept of integrated light also on the inside we chose to integrate led-tubes in the handrail (also stainless steel). As an accent we retained the poles from the originated lighting and mounted small luminaries (Gio) in them where ping-pong balls work as diffusers, together with the cover in bubble glass they look like small gas flames mark the corridor’s direction” commented the Lighting Designer.


  • Lighting Design by Martin Kempe
  • Partner: Rebel Light for Upplands Väsby Kommun
  • Installation: ONE Nordic
  • Pictures: By kind permission of Martin Kempe


Lumino’s Vector V12S IP67 with Lumino ColorCORE®