On the roof of Europe

On the roof of Europe

Lumino’s Product Design Manager, Laroslav Vychemirski shares his experience of climbing Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, where he put Lumino lights through a rigorous assessment in extreme conditions.

Lumino; For some climbers, the mountain top is a lifelong dream that requires intense preparation and a deep sense of reverence. Can you tell us about why you decided to undertake this ambitious climb?

Laroslav Vychemirski said; “Anyone who knows me will know that I am an adventurer, having cycled across the USA three years ago, and undertaken the Lumino to Lumino challenge this year. I wanted to see the world from a different perspective, in addition to testing my mental and physical abilities. I also saw this as an opportunity to combine my passion for lighting, and thus, Lumino’s LEDs accompanied me up Mount Elbrus. I undertook this ambitious feat with a good friend, who shares the same sense of adventure. High altitude and adverse weather conditions were only a part of the challenges we faced. Both of us were novice climbers and our preparation consisted of running, to improve fitness and mountaineering in Wales.” 

On the roof of Europe

Lumino: Take yourself back to being on the summit of Europe – what did you feel at that moment in time standing near one of the highest point on Earth?

Laroslav Vychemirski said; “It was probably one of the toughest exploits that I have ever undertaken. When I felt defeated by the weather conditions and mountain, I would sit down and reflect upon what I had endured to reach that point, taking in the breath-taking views and incredible setting. This motivated me to go higher.  Our window to reach the summit was shortened by poor weather conditions closing in. I never made the summit, however at 5100m, with a severe lack of oxygen, I realised that I was the second highest person in Europe. My friend had managed to reach the summit and I was overwhelmed by the sense of pride that together we had conquered one of the Seven Summits, achieved only by a handful of elite climbers.” 

Lumino; What is your next challenge?

Laroslav Vychemirski said; “Having just returned from the 1200km Lumino to Lumino challenge, where collectively we raised about £3000 for Gravity Light Charity, I need some time to recover and plan my next epic adventure!”

Lumino; Would you go back to Elbrus?

Laroslav Vychemirski said; “Most definitely! I will be much more prepared both physically and mentally for the challenge.  Also, choosing the right equipment can make all the difference on such a demanding ascent. With quality climbing gear and physical preparation, I am adamant that I will reach the summit”.