Macallan Distillery

Macallan Distillery

Macallan is renowned for producing some of the highest quality single malt whisky in the world, which has been produced on its Easter Elchies estate for nearly 200 years. Located in the stunning area of Speyside, North East of Scotland, the estate recently opened a new distillery and visitor experience.

A brand-new building houses the new distillery and visitor centre. It has been built to a design that blends in with the surrounding countryside, such as the roof which appears as grass covered peaks. The centre offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn all about the processes involved in making this world-class whisky.

Within Macallan’s new building, the distillery is a vast space which required significant levels of lighting. V36I from LUMINO was specified to form a perfectly straight line of light for an entire side of the distillery. This was quite a feat, requiring 200m of V36I, with 150m in a single visible line.

LUMINO worked closely with the contractors for the project, SES, to ensure the installation ran smoothly, and all 200m was installed perfectly straight.

In the exhibition area, LUMINO also supplied its VectorFLEX with ColorCORE to illuminate the cabinets which contain a display of some of the oldest and rarest Macallan whiskies ever made. This brand wall is an impressive entrance to the visitor centre and needed careful lighting to attract attention and create a stunning scene.

Macallan Distillery

VectorFLEX with ColorCORE was selected due to its high colour rendering and consistency and guarantee of no UV output, which ensures the labels and whisky are at no risk of being damaged from the light. Furthermore, the flexibility of the installation within the display cases offered a significant benefit for the completion of the project.

Chris Small, LUMINO’s Sales Director, said:

“Macallan is synonymous with world-class production techniques, so it is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see first-hand the attention and care that goes into producing its whisky.

“The guarantee of no UV output from our VectorFLEX ColorCORE is such a huge benefit, especially when installing lighting around vintage, delicate and susceptible items such as alcohol bottles. It was the perfect fit for this element of the project.

“It was a pleasure to be part of this project, and LUMINO is sure that the visitor centre will be extremely popular amongst tourists and locals.”