Hide Restaurant, London

Hide Restaurant, London

Set over three levels, Hide in Piccadilly is a Michelin star restaurant offering exquisite views over Green Park from its top floor. On the ground floor diners are at street level, yet away from the busy city life, and a basement bar completes the stunning space.

The restaurant was born from a collaboration between Hedonism Wines and Ollie Dabbous, the Michelin-star winning chef. Within the restaurant, diners will find a rustic interior enhanced by the lighting, which plays a vital role in highlighting the theme of nature.

The lighting design was created by Speirs + Major, who were appointed to deliver a scheme which would complement the wealth of natural light in the restaurant, while also delighting patrons and delivering an enviable ambience. Concealed lighting is an integral part of the design, using visible fixtures only when they would become a feature of the space’s design.

Several key parts of the design have been fulfilled using LUMINO solutions, including the lighting technology in the wine cellar. The substantial space houses the most extensive wine list in Europe, and the shelving has been illuminated using Lumino’s VectorFLEX with ColorCORE technology.

VectorFLEX was chosen from LUMINO’s extensive product range specifically due to its high colour rendering and colour consistency. In addition, the solution guarantees no UV output, which means the integrity of the wine is protected, as well as eliminating the risk of the bottle labels being bleached.

VectorFLEX has also been specified for use in all waiter stations, toilets and lift areas, demonstrating its versatility.

Elsewhere in the cellar, LUMINO’s V20S Optic, a linear light with a compact profile has been used to gently illuminate the space and graze the textured walls of the room. This solution also provides light to the lift front.

Chris Small, LUMINO’s Sales Director, said:

“Hide is a unique restaurant and required carefully specified solutions to deliver the vision of Speirs + Major. Our VectorFLEX was the perfect choice, as it illuminates the wine cellar while protecting the lovingly chosen bottles.

"It also provides a quality of light and warm colour temperature which complements the atmosphere created by the design team and supports the feel of Hide.

"Furthermore, our V20S Optic is a versatile solution which adds a layer of contrast to certain areas of the restaurant.”