Vector V36S, Lumino Lighting

Vector V36S

Surface-mounted, linear lighting profile.

36mm wide with ColorCORE® 2-STEP SDCM LED producing High CRI up to CRI 95Ra with TM30 values of up to 92Rf and 100Rg. ColorCORE® Single-CCT options from 2200K to 4000K, ColorTUNE TwinCCT Tunable, Warm-DIM and RGBW options.

Available in IP50, IP64 and IP67 ratings. OPX™ diffuser gives homogeneous diffusion with no LED imaging. Ideally suited to ceiling or wall mounted applications. IP50 dry location and IP64 damp location options. Length increments of 50mm (2in) up to 2005mm (6ft 7in). PowerTHRU wiring for long runs up to 8m (12W/m). Output ≤2900lm/m (880lm/ft) excluding LOR.

Dimmable 0-10v/DALI/TRIAC 24VDC driver options

Product Features

  • ColorCORE®
  • ≤ 2900 lumens / m
  • ≤ 30 w / m
  • ≤ 95Ra CRI
  • ≤ 92Rf 100Rg TM30
  • 2200K - 4000K
  • IP50 | IP64 | IP67

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