Steorra ZERO


Steorra ZERO is our minimal, plaster-in, trimless ColorCORE® downlight in ROUND, SQUARE and RECTANGLE.

Factory fitted with Generation 2.0 of the LUMINO ColorCORE® Engine producing up to 855lm at up to 12W. The heatsink design is engineered for efficient thermal management whether mounted straight down or a directed tilt angle.

Steorra ZERO provides lighting designers with a high colour rendering light source that is the perfect match to the LUMINO Vector linear lighting profile range. Typical CRI 95Ra, TM30 90Rg and 100Rf.

Ideal for creating dramatic contrasts or subtle accents in clean, pure optical beams of 12° spot, 20° medium and 30° flood. Correlated colour temperatures from very warm white 2200K through to cool white 4000K.

In matt black or white finish with 75mm depth. Suitable for void depths as low as 99mm (based on 12mm plasterboard). Dimmable down to <1% with smooth, flicker-free dimming control.

Product Features

  • ColorCORE® Engine
  • TILT IP20 | FIXED IP64
  • ≤ 855 lumen
  • 12° | 20° | 30°
  • 2200 – 4000K CCT
  • ≤95Ra
  • ≤ 72 lm/w
  • 300mA CC

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