Engine E50

Minimal Size. Maximal Colour.

Generation 2.0 of ColorCORE® Engine E50 measures just 72mm high to fit into even the smallest ceiling void spaces.

E50 provides lighting designers with a 95Ra MR16 (50mm) light source for creating dramatic contrasts or subtle accents. Clean, pure optical beams with high colour rendering in 12° spot, 24° medium and 38° flood are matched with correlated colour temperatures from very warm white 2400K through to cool white 4500K.

All versions are dimmable down to 1% with smooth, flicker-free dimming control. In a compact MR16 size 50mm diameter, the engine produces up to 900lm at up to 12W. The heatsink design is engineered for efficient thermal management whether mounted straight down or a directed tilt angle.

Product Features

  • ≤ 900 lumen
  • 12° | 24° | 38°
  • 2400 – 4500K CCT
  • Ø50mm x 72mm
  • ≤94Ra ≤90Rf ≤101Rg
  • ≤ 75 lm/w
  • 300mA CC
  • 12W

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