Arts Means Business

LUMINO is delighted to be taking part in the Arts Means Business show at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow. Showcasing new technology through interesting, beautiful and creative displays, the show celebrates innovation from local businesses.

#3TheLIST: Books for your summer

Wherever your vacation takes you, Lumino shares with you the summer books you need to pack. Book #3 ‘Lightpaintings, Stephen Knapp Deriving inspiration from his studies of light, colour, dimension, space, and perception, artist Stephen Knapp has created an eighty-foot multi-dimensional composition of light in the Boise Art Museum.

Interview with Veronika Mayerboeck

Almost a year ago, the Lumino team had just returned from PLDC Rome, a unique platform to share and learn about the latest developments in lighting design. This 5th edition of the Professional Lighting Design Convention officially launched Lumino’s new ColorCORE® technology.