TM30 Seminars

LUMINO are spreading the TM30 message in Australia with training seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Business Development Manager Chris Small spent a week visiting key lighting specifiers with JSB Lighting to explain the benefits of the new TM30-15 test method for colour rendering.

Justin Penhall, Sales Director for JSB Lighting said,

"The TM30 seminars recently held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne were a success both with clients and staff alike.  We’ve had positive feedback from attendees who praised Chris Small’s clear and concise delivery of information.  JSB Lighting are very proud to be working with Lumino and see great potential for the Lumino product offer in Australia. This highly engineered product line up with the backing of the TM30 standard will no doubt find its place in our local projects”

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TM30 Seminars