The New V20S OPTIC provides lighting designers with an extremely compact 20mm linear lighting profile giving precise beam control in Graze, Wash and Flood linear lenses.

GRAZE is our wall grazing lens developed to provide the perfect beam to catch textures and wall surfaces. The 35° beam angle linear lens creates dramatic lighting effects and highlights architectural materials.

The WASH lens provides a controled 50° beam of light to wash display surfaces, ideal for casting light onto shelves and tabletops.

FLOOD is an 90° beam angle lens, ideal for floodlighting a surface or area with a controled coverage. 

The V20S OPTIC is 20mm wide profile with a ColorCORE® Superlinear LED array in 2200K to 4000K CCT. High colour rendering means up to CRI 95Ra with TM30 values of up to 91Rf and 102Rg.

Ideally suited to wall grazing, wall washing, display lighting installations in conjunction with adjustable rotation mount V20S-MA620-R1 for maximum control of lighting effects. IP50 rated for dry locations with custom length increments of 2in (50mm) up to 6 ft 7in (2005mm).