Arts Means Business

LUMINO is delighted to be taking part in the Arts Means Business show at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow. Showcasing new technology through interesting, beautiful and creative displays, the show celebrates innovation from local businesses.

Since the invention of fibre optic cables by Sir Charles Kao and George Hockham (Nobel prize winners) in Harlow, the town has continued to be a vibrant centre of innovation. LUMINO is contributing to that legacy of innovation with new lighting technologies such as the ColorCORE® LED with high colour rendering, designed by its research and development team in Harlow.

Arts Means Business

Tuneable White Light

Working with curator Hannah Lee and gallery director Corrina Dunlea, LUMINO installed a working prototype of their tuneable ColorCORE® light engine. This technology will be launched in 2017 so visitors are being given a sneak preview at this show. Setup as an interactive exhibit, visitors manually adjust the colour of the light from 4400K cool daylight white through to 1700K candlelight warm white. 

The light is focused onto a colourful abstract artwork by Jonathan Wickers entitled Looking Out. By tuning the light, the colours in the painting can be given added vibrancy and the appearance of the painting can be dramatically changed as different colours achieve varying levels of saturation.

Design Director Jago Wickers said
‘This painting, by my father, hangs on the wall of our research and development lab. The vibrant and accentuated colours in the painting are ideal for instantly comparing the colour rendering quality of lights in a quick, albeit subjective way. New light sources are quickly tested on this painting before a more conventional spectrometer test.’

Arts Means Business

Jonathan Wickers with his painting ‘Looking Out’

Colour Rendering

ColorCORE® technology from LUMINO already offers excellent colour rendering in static colour temperatures from 2000K to 4500K and this new tuneable technology, to be launched in 2017, will offer even greater control. Particularly well suited to art galleries, museums and luxury retail stores, tuneable white technology will empower curators and display managers to alter the quality of light to compliment their exhibits or merchandise..

Artist Jonathan Wickers said
‘I am fascinated and enthralled by this new lighting technology. This painting is my distillation of various landscapes. It is country lanes, hedgerows, rivers and ploughed fields presented with immediate gestural brushstrokes and accentuated colour to give the landscape rhythm and vitality.

‘With this new kind of lighting, the colours in my work can be adjusted in-situ to show the work as originally intended. This can be done long after the paint was applied to the canvas. Never before have I had the means to fine-tune the rendered colours of my work with lighting like this.’

Arts Means Business

Jonathan Wickers is an artist living and working in Bude, Cornwall.

The Gibberd Gallery is a space run by The Harlow Art Trust which is committed to the town’s beautification and cultural heritage in Harlow and Essex.